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Inflatable Amusements

Toddler/Young Children’s Zone

Module Combo 7

The combination slide called the Module Combo 7 is endless hours of fun.  An amazing time for the young in the large jumping area, shoot some hoops, or play through the pop-up obstacles. An always-entertaining climb and slide rounds out the  fun, designed for hours of healthy physical play. 

3 in 1 Castle

This colourful inflatable combo castles provide triple long-lasting fun. Starting with the jumping bouncer, a climbing wall and ending in one colourful slider.

Mini Jump and Ball Pond

The Mini Jump and Ball Pond combo bounce house brings together an inflatable jumper with a ball pit for plenty of bouncing activity and motor skill fun. A horizontal log separates the ball pit from the large jumping area, so players can choose whichever activity they want.

Older Kids and Kids at Heart!

Who needs a water park?

This 22-foot, Inflatable dry slide called the Monster Slide will be an impressive structure, tantalizing everyone from young to old and keep them climbing for more! Participants can enter the slide on the left and climb the impressive 22 plus feet, and enjoy the fast and furious ride down the right or left side of to the well-cushioned bottom. 

Wow Balls!

Walk on water inside a giant transparent ball in complete safety. The ball allows riders inside the ball to finally walk on water, and even better, you do not get wet. A water ball ride is on average 7 minutes in length.

4-Man Equalizer

Similar to the “TouchDown Equalizer” This interactive football inflatable, pits challengers against one another in a 4 person competition. Using strength, competitors must run in opposite directions and cover as much distance as possible while pulling a bungee cord attached to one another’s vest, competitors will run forward while springing their competitor backwards.

Gladiator Joust

Two participants climb on top of a pedestal and nudge, poke, and swat their opponent with oversized foam padded jousting poles. Like “American Gladiator Jousting” losers fall onto an inflated base.

Castle Sticky Wall

Participants step into a sticky suit, and then take their turn at storming the castle. Once they reach the end, the oversized inflatable Velcro wall catches participants in mid-jump.

Mega Obstacle

Want to have a Mega Great Time- Try out the Mega Obstacle. This unit is mega fun for all ages. 

We have much much more planned to make sure one and all have an amazing day!

Carnival Day is Open to everyone in the community! Saturday May 31, 2014 • 11:00am – 6:00pm